Tim Wonnacott
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Tim Wonnacott left Sotheby’s in January 2003 after 25 years, in order to concentrate on Media Activities and, at the same time, started a Fine Art Agency & Brokerage business Tim Wonnacott & Associates.

The rationale of the business is for Tim and his colleagues to provide independent advice to both buyers and sellers of antiques. This advice is likely to be of particular interest to sellers who are faced with a confusing choice when considering the possible sale of their prized possessions.

Typical questions which Clients might ask Tim Wonnacott & Associates Fine Art Agents & Brokers

* Which Auction house to choose?

Most auctioneers will, of course, encourage you to think that they are the best experts in all subjects. The truth of the matter is that some auctioneers are better at selling and marketing certain antiques and are not so good at others. Tim Wonnacott & Associates will be able to advise exactly which auction house is best at which subject and will sift and sort a collection appropriately.

* How much commission should I pay to the Auctioneer?

The answer is that there are great deals to be done, particularly for privately owned goods fresh to the market. Tim Wonnacott & Associates will conduct the negotiations for you and the negotiations would include the often vexatious issue of ‘extras’ for illustrations in catalogues (often very expensive), cost of transportation and ‘unsold’ commission charges which if one is not very careful erode the net proceeds received at the end of the day.

* Rates of Insurance & Transport on goods going for sale

Tim Wonnacott & Associates will negotiate the lowest deals.

* What if I don’t want to sell at auction but would prefer to sell to a dealer?

This is where Tim Wonnacott & Associates Fine Art Brokers come into their own. If you don’t need the money in a hurry we would sometimes recommend selling ‘on consignment’ with a reputable dealer. This arrangement means that the dealer will try to sell your fine or rare pieces for the Retail or Shop price (typically 50-100% above the auction estimate) and normally you allow him 3 – 6 months to do this. If he is successful, he charges you a commission; if he is unsuccessful, you still own the piece and could either keep it or decide to then offer it for sale at auction. Either way, you are in control throughout the process.

Tim Wonnacott & Associates Fine Art Brokers will negotiate the contract for sale with the approved dealer, including the commission rate, insurance, the period of consignment and, when necessary transportation.

Valuations for Insurance and other purposes

Tim Wonnacott & Associates are happy to advise on all aspects of the valuation process. As all the expert valuers are independent of Auction companies, then all the figures are both impartial and can be adjusted appropriately to suit each client’s circumstances.

General enquiries for Tim Wonnacott & Associates to mailto:[email protected] or Tim Wonnacott & Associates, P O Box 981, Lower Beeding, RH12 9QN Tel: 01444. 443628